Writing Some Words (写些字), Part 2

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Complete text (with pinyin and translation)
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Xiě Xiē Zì
Writing Some Words

Part II
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Part III


很 / hěn / very
冷 / lěng / cold
上午  / shàngwǔ / late morning

来 / lái / to come, next
买 / mǎi / to buy
衣服 / yīfú / clothes

有 / yǒu / to have, there is
热 / rè / hot
中午  / zhòng wǔ / noon

杯子 / bēizi / cup, glass
喝 / hē / to drink
水  /shuǐ / water

吃 / chī / to eat
个 / gè / (generic measure word)
水果  / shuǐguǒ / fruit

学习 / xuéxí / to learn
汉语  / Hànyǔ / Chinese language

一 / yī / one
点 / diǎn / dot, a little, o’clock
一点儿 / yīdiǎnr / a bit (erhua variant of  一点)
读 / dú / to read, to study

三 / sān / three
多 / duō / many (“X多” = “more than X”)
分钟 /fēnzhōng / minute

书 / shū / book
本 / běn / (measure word for books), roots
书本 / shūběn / book(s)
前面 / qiánmiàn / in front, ahead, preceding


个水果  is “piece of fruit”, not ” piece of a fruit”. That is, for example an apple, not a part (slice, chunk, quarter, nibble, bite, mouthful) of an apple.

Part III should be ready within a week or two, but there will be a bit of an intermission after that, since I have yet to do the illustrations. I will put up a page with complete pinyin and English translation though, probably at the same time as part III.

Meanwhile, you can use Mandarinspot text annotation (Add vocabulary for all words. Sort by first appearance), google translate or the HSK1 word list.

Also, as I have mentioned before (and will again), there could well be significant mistakes in the text or, possibly worse, things that are technically correct, but misleading. For instance, something only acceptable in a poem wouldn’t be objected to by a native speaker since, well, it is in a poem, but that could still be confusing to a language student. Just keep in mind that you are at the Academy Of Some Guy With A Blog here. It is a much friendlier place than the School Of Hard Knocks, but not an accredited institution all the same.

9 thoughts on “Writing Some Words (写些字), Part 2

  1. Hi Cornelius— are you making your own notes for stroke order on these characters (being the graphics editor that you are), or is it an actual font set? I went looking for a Chinese font set that had the stroke orders numbered and found this gem of a Japanese font (which I’ve already downloaded and tried– works like a charm), but I’m still wondering if something similar exists for Chinese. thoughts?

    download Japanese font from:


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