Writing Some Words (写些字), Part 1

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Writing Some Words

Part I

XXZ 1.0 D XXZ 1.1 D XXZ 1.2 D XXZ 1.3 D XXZ 1.4 D XXZ 1.5 D XXZ 1.6 D XXZ 1.7 D
Part II


写 / xiě / to write
些 / xiē / some, few, several
字 / zì / character, word

你好 / nǐ hǎo / hello (lit. “you good”)
朋友 / péngyǒu / friend

/ tiānqì / weather
/ xià yǔ / to rain

喜欢 / xǐhuān / to like
睡觉 / shuìjiào / to sleep, to go to bed

电视 / diànshì / television
/ yǐzi / chair

那 / nà / that
不客 / bù kèqì / “you’re welcome”, “don’t mention it”, impolite, rude

太 / tài / very, extremely
对不起 / duìbùqǐ / I’m sorry, unworthy, to let down

请 / qǐng / please
/ tīng / to listen, to obey
师 / lǎoshī / teacher


Writing Some Words
Chinese Stroke Order Font by Reinaert Albrecht, using the SKIP system by Jack Halpern, based off AR PL UKai and Terminus font.
HSK Website
Popup Chinese


So that one time I got the idea that it should be possible to rearrange the HSK1 vocabulary  words, using each one exactly once, and make a coherent (sort of) text out of them. Eventually, I took a stab at it, which is what this is.
I’d meant to get someone with a solid grasp of Chinese to proofread it before adding the translation and illustrations, but somehow I never got around to doing that. There might well be mistakes in there and doubtless a bunch of rather awkward phrasings. (In some cases it’s not even my fault, but just the basic constraints. There’s only so much proper Chinese grammar you can manage with a single 的.) But just for learning vocabulary (as opposed to sentence structure and grammar) it should be suitable and more entertaining than the HSK1 vocabulary ordered alphabetically by pinyin hopefully.

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