Hanzi Mnemonics Collection I: Radicals 1-6

Complete Mini Pictures of Simplified Radicals (“Reprise”)
Large Pictures
Slideshow (Squares)

# Simp. [Trad.] Pīnyīn English
1 one
2 gǔn “line” radical
3 zhǔ “dot” radical
4 丿 (乀乁) piě “slash” radical
5 乙 (乚乛) ‘second’ (↗)
6 jué “hook” radical

It’s like this: Looking back on the Kangxi Radicals (and additional characters) pictures I decided I was happy about the pictures themselves and… felt mostly okay, considering, about the extra content (example words and such) I put together. But the presentation was just not good. And it’s all in the presentation, as the saying goes. Hence this.

The pictures themselves will be the same mostly (perhaps some small tweaks here or there), but I am adding a unified, standardized, square picture variant of each one (that is not already square) so that I can put them in a slideshow, among other reasons.

You can get the full-size versions of the pictures by clicking the thumbnails in this post, but I also put together a page with all of them in large size, which might be bit more convenient.

I am not sure how long the whole thing will take. Should go faster than reworking all the old posts individually would (which I still also plan on doing, but this will take priority)

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